Sterling Guarantees a Move Abroad after Manchester City

Raheem Sterling plans on playing abroad at a certain point in his career. However, he roots for a country which has a language that is easy to learn and good weather. The winger from England is happy with his position at Manchester City after they won the FA Cup, League Cup, and the Premier League in this season. However, he is already looking for a future move. The twenty-four-year-old says that he always had a preference of testing himself in some other league and has a fascination of some place which is a little warmer than that of north-western England.

He says that when he looks at Manchester City now, he loves it. According to him, this is one of the best clubs across the world and he is in the team for the long haul. However, no one knows what is going to happen in the future. He says he is young and he loves every minute of his association with the club. He goes on to say that ever since he had been a kind, he has always dreamt of playing abroad. It is going to be nice to be done with the draining and then go home, sit in the garden, and have some dinner. He prefers a place with a temperature of 17-18 degree centigrade all the time.

The former star of Liverpool had been asked if he is going to rule out the move to Germany. However, it is some other issue which would keep him from making a shift to Bundesliga. This was the problem of language. He says that it sounds too difficult and Spanish on the other appears to be attractive to him. Moreover, he has accepted the fact that it is difficult to be good friends with teammates at City.

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