Huddersfield gaining momentum at the right time

Huddersfield might have remained in the bottom portion of the Premier League standings for majority of the ongoing season, but their head coach David Wagner is of the opinion that they have played much better than what the numbers suggest.

According to Wagner, the case with Huddersfield is that they have put in decent efforts in most of the games, but they have not managed to translate their efforts into goals due to which they have not earned as many points as they should have, but talking purely about the level of performance, it’s not been too low.

Huddersfield however is now finally starting to deliver the results as in the previous 3 games, they have secured a total of 7 points with two victories and a draw which has seen them make a big jump in the standings as they now find themselves positioned at no. 14 in the table. They have 10 points now, two points clear of the relegation zone.

Huddersfield’s latest victory came over Wolverhampton Wanderers yesterday. It was a thumping win as they were playing away and the Wolves were a comparatively stronger team. Huddersfield was the underdog and the result was expected to go in the favor of Wolves. But the way Wagner’s boys executed their game-plan and the kind of intensity they showed, it was wonderful and the boss was one happy bloke sitting in the press conference at the end of the game.

“We have shown good performances this season so far without enough goals and enough points, but performance wise, this was more often very good.” Wagner was quoted saying by Sky Sports.

“Today the players got the reward and I am so happy for them because they really deserve it.” Wagner added.

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