Manchester City ex star Shaun Goater has revealed that Sergio Aguero might exit the Etihad this summer.

The striker has had decent success in front of goal but he might eventually leave the club.

Goater says the Argentine was dropped from his number one role when Gabriel Jesus came in so he would likely exit the club when the transfer window opens up.

“I hope he’s a player who will still be here come next season. I don’t think he will be. I don’t think he wants to go. I just feel what he’s done for the club for five or six seasons, he probably feels that we should be treating him as Messi is being treated at Barcelona,” Goater opined.

The pundit added that Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG would come in a hurry to swoop him if he wants out from City. He said Aguero comes next in line after the class of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ahead of the Manchester derby, Aguero told Sky Sports that he has always anticipated and played in derbies all his life: from Independiente and Racing to Atletico and Real Madrid before the City and United derby.

The player has the highest number of goals for City in the Manchester derbies. When asked he said he preferred winning over just scoring gaols. He is expected to lead the attack as City host United on Thursday.

Aguero said the City team was not as lucky this year. He admitted that they started well before they lost track of their momentum at some point. He said the team gave Monaco a bit of space in the away match and they paid dearly for it. He said the same thing happened in the FA Cup where they crashed to Arsenal. He described it as a “tough year” for the club.

On Pep Guardiola, Aguero said his new role was to press the centre back and the goalkeeper which was a bit different from his style so both of them talk a lot. He claimed he has been adapting to the new style of play.

He revealed that he was a second striker while in Spain but he emerged as the Man United News main striker in England under Roberto Mancini and thus continued. On an endnote, he said he respected Guardiola and that he was comfortable with the competition Gabriel Jesus brought.